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Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Well I'm officially entering my last week to be spent with Elder Hughes (we already asked to stay together one more and it got shut down :( ... ), but it's okay because I'm sure my next companion is going to be great, whoever it is. It's just going to be super weird to actually change this time haha, but it'll all work out.
  Last monday for P-day we headed up into the trees to go adventuring! That's literally the translation of what we did, but it was super sweet, it's basically just a huge ropes course up in a bunch of trees with a some zip-lines and stuff, definitely recommend it if anyone ever finds one. It was super tiring though!
  Tuesday was a pretty normal day we just taught a bunch of lessons and had our apartment inspected to make sure that we're keeping it clean. We passed with flying colours, Elder Hughes has been stress cleaning so much because of the transfers that there wasn't a single spot of dust haha.
  Wednesday we headed up to Kecskemét to do splits with the elders there. The splits were good, nothing too interesting happened but we did have a really good district meeting with them where we talked about resolving peoples concerns and Elder Gonzalez prepared a bunch of concerns and we did role plays where we had 2 minutes to find our what it was and resolve it, it was really fun.
  Thursday we went straight from Kecskemét to Budapest for MLC, but what seems to be the usual for us these days, something happened to our train and it arrived over 20 minutes late, making us run through Budapest in our suit coats in the boiling heat to make it there on time. We made it though. It was a good meeting and we had the stake leaders come at the end to discuss how they could help us by improving the church experience for investigators. The problem was that the meeting ended pretty late and so we didn't get back to our apartment until 11pm , but you know things happen.
  The rest of our week was basically filled with splits with the Békéscsaba Elders. They were super fun, we always look forward to our splits with them. We did have the unfortunate situation though of a ticket checker not accepting the bus ticket that Elder Pulsipher bought though and fining him 7,000ft, which really sucked, but we're going to split the fine and it's a funny story in the end, so what can you do about it?...
Well that was another week from the beautiful land of Magyarország.
További szép hetet. 

-McKim Elder

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