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Monday, 31 July 2017

Solid week


Well the weeks are still flying by here and somehow I've already been in Dunaújváros for 3 weeks, but I'm still loving it and it's terrifying to see it fly before my eyes so fast haha.

  Our week started with interviews with President Szabadkai. It was kind of weird having interviews two weeks into the transfer but they changed the system now and instead of having interviews every 9 weeks we're going to have them either every 6 weeks or every month, I'm not completely sure. It's always great though, I love my chats with President Szabadkai. We then had exchanges with the Veszprém elders immediately after and although I didn't get to work with him it meant I got to actually spend a bit of time with Elder Rohner, the only other Australian missionary in Hungary. I was able to work with Elder Biesinger though and we got to spend a lot of time tracting and we taught one of our investigators about tithing so it was pretty cool.
  The next day we dropped off the Veszprém elders and then Elder Terry and I had the opportunity of teaching our other investigator on baptismal date about tithing. Both of the people that we taught tithing to this week were so excited to pay it, it was super cool. We also met with another one of our investigator families and had a nice long discussion about who Jehova is, good times.
  Thursday was super busy. We had district meeting about the importance of the restoration, did service at the disabled peoples home, taught both of our investigators who are on baptismal date and moved both of the baptisms to the 12th of August as well as meeting with one of our recent converts. It was a fun day though.
  Friday we were able to do our weekly planning and then head down to the branch house for MCM. When we got there though we realised that one of the lights on our car was out and we had to get it fixed, but we also had to drive up to Budapest right after the meeting and couldn't be late. We had our branch mission leader in a taxi lead us to a place that would replace it but on the way somehow the light just fixed itself and we were able to make it Budapest on time. So moral of the story, miracles are real, people. But we were able to head up to Budapest for another exchange, this time with the assistants. 
  I spent most of the exchange out finding but Elder Fitzgerald and I were able to have so many crazy experiences that in the end we didn't even have to stop that many people. We seriously saw so many crazy miracles together and came out of it with multiple potential investigators, a container of káposztás tészta (cabbage pasta(?) ) and a weird pencil with a bear on top of it (because the woman who gave it to us' name has the hungarian word for bear in it...). So all in all it was pretty sweet. I also taught the law of chastity for like the second time in my whole mission when we came back from Budapest, so that was also fun, but it all went well.

Well that was my week, hope you all have a great on too!

Sok szeretettel
McKim Elder

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