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Monday, 31 July 2017

Road trip time


Well my first full week has passed in this great little city of Dunaújváros. The time is still flying and things are going as great as ever.

  On monday we went bowling together as a district. It's practically the only thing that this city has to do so we might struggle for more fun P-day ideas but I'm sure we'll find cool things to do here. If we don't we'll probably be playing a lot of bowling in my time here. We also got prank called like 3 times and got dogged, it was good fun.
  On tuesday we were able to give service at the disabled peoples home which is always super fun. We were also able to meet with both of our main investigators, Ildikó and Eszter. The lesson with Ildikó went super well and she's super excited to be baptised but we might have to push it back to the middle of August to make sure that we can teach everything. We were also able to give Eszter a baptismal date and if all goes well then she should be baptised on the 19th of August, which is pretty exciting, so hopefully we'll be able to have 2 baptisms here this transfer.
  Wednesday was another day of teaching, we got to go out to a little village a bit out of the city though to meet with a recent convert. She wanted one of the members to give a blessing on her house since she just moved in and so we got to help in that too. It was a pretty good day.
  Thursday wasn't anything too crazy but we did have district meeting which was pretty good, we talked about the importance of the area book and recording keeping, which isn't the most interesting of topics but it's still fun times being together. I also found out on thursday that one of the investigators that I taught while I was in Kaposvár is going to be baptised in Pécs in about 2 months, so that was pretty exciting, doesn't happen every day. 
  On friday we got to head down to Kaposvár to hold exchanges with the elders there and it was super weird because it was like going back home. I was only there for 2 months but I still remembered everything about that city, so it was really cool to be back there. I got to meet with one of the members from there which was cool and I was working with my old companion Elder Stringham, so it was pretty crazy. There was also a random sport tournament for like 12 year olds while we were there and so the city was full of 12 year olds from a bunch of different countries all around the world.
  Saturday wasn't anything too crazy, we just did a bunch of finding in Kaposvár and then Elder Terry and I had a pizza party in the car on the way home.
  Sunday was also pretty normal. I really like the branch here though, the members are all super cool and super friendly, so it's a fun place to be. We also had 5 new baptismal dates in our zone this week which brough our total up to 8 and one of the cities had a baptism on saturday, so the work is doing pretty well in this zone, it's super exciting.

Hope you all have a great week!

- McKim Elder


                                                      A picture I took of Kaposvár's main square

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