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Monday, 31 July 2017


Jó napot!

Another exciting week full of adventures and shenanigans have come and past, which somehow brings us to being already over halfway through this transfer which is pretty crazy, the time is flying by super quick. 

  Monday wasn't anything too exciting other than the fact that there was a HUGE rain storm right when we had to head to a lesson in the middle of p-day. We got super soaked. Then the guy didn't even let us, but we did set up again for the next day. So it was still kind of a success.
  Tuesday mornings for us always start with a nice call from President Szabadkai so we can discuss a little about the zone and how things are going, but this one was a little different because it ended with President telling us to go on an emergency split with one of the companionships in our zone on friday, but still a great time. We also had like 4 lessons planned for tuesday and we got dogged twice, which was wonderful, one person that we taught did give us huge watermelons to eat while we chatted so that nice.
  Wednesday was one of my favourite times of every transfer, MLC, and it made it even more special because we only get one of them transfer. We talked about a lot of things, such as, faith, Christ-like attributes, leadership, finding and technology. It was a super good meeting and I was able to catch up with a lot of old friends, including Elder Hughes and a few people from my MTC group.
  Thursday was pretty normal, we just had our district meeting on commitments and met with a few people, nothing too crazy happened from memory.
  Friday was a crazy day. We started with two baptismal interviews (for Eszter and Ildikó) and they both passed, so it was super great. Due to the fact that I'm both the district and zone leader here, we had to have both President Szabadkai and the assistants come down for the interviews, so it was a good little time. We also gave the assistants some lunch on the way out and then I ripped my pants getting out of their car (pants die so often as a missionary...). Immediately after that we had to head out on our emergency exchange, which was actually really pleasant.
  I got to spend the exchange with an elder that I've worked with a few times in my mission and it was actually a really cool experience. He has had a bit of reputation of being troublesome earlier in his mission and hasn't been the most diligent but this time I got to see a huge change in him, he actually really wanted to work and he was a lot happier than he used to be. Times are still a little hard for him and we're working on his companion, but it was really cool to see him improving.
  The rest of our weeks was mainly spent planning so it wasn't too exciting but it was still great.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and try not to freak out as much as I am about how tomorrow is August haha.

Sok szeretettel,
McKim Elder

P.S I would send pictures but the computer won't accept my card, sorry...

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