Called to serve Feb 2016

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The most normal week of the transfer...

Like the title states, this was probably the most normal week that we have had throughout this entire transfer and it was still kind of crazy, but that's just missionary life I guess.
  For P-day we felt obligated to do something cool because the sisters were only going to be in Szeged until Thursday, so we decided to go to the zoo. The only problem was that we got pretty lost after taking the wrong tram and so only had like an hour and a half at the zoo. It was really cool though, we even saw some lions eating some rabbits.
  Tuesday we had interviews with President Szabadkai. Nothing too crazy happened we just kind of talked about life and conference but it was a good experience. We also had to run across the city to meet with one of our investigators because he came 2 hours early, but it went well so it was all good.
  We then had exchanges with the other elders here in Szeged which are always fun. Some random guy gave Elder Sharp and I huge cans of shaving cream as a gift for not being able to talk to us, so you know, it was interesting.
  Thursday we had to head over to Kecskemét to have exchanges with the elders there. It's a really beautiful place and we got to take part in their district meeting, so it was a good time.
  The rest of the week was pretty normal, just meeting with our investigators, made some cookies and gave them to a bunch of people, it was good fun.
Well this is the last full week of the transfer which means that next week when I email I will already have my transfer call for next transfer. We'll see what happens but hopefully I get at least one more transfer in this wonderful city.
Sok szeretettel,
McKim Elder
                                                  We came across pretty much the cutest bear ever at the zoo

"Where is all our time?..."

I honestly cannot believe how quickly my time is going here in Szeged, Elder Hughes and I are freaking out about the possibility of having to leave each other in another 2 weeks, but we're just living up the little time that we actually have together.
  Continuing our tradition of a ridiculous amount of exchanges, we started our week with exchanges with the assistants. We got dogged, taught a really good lesson, got a let in, did some finding, ate some indian food, it was an all round pretty good day and I learnt a lot from it.
  On wednesday we headed out to a little city just outside of Szeged to visit some members with one of the senior couples. They picked us a whole bunch of vegetables right out of their garden and told us to eat them. They were good but could use a little less dirt next time...
  Thursday we had our district meeting which was included our district leader, Elder Sharp, building a giant tent out of bed sheets in the middle of one of the classrooms in the meeting house and us all pretending to be part of Lehi's family as we reenacted parts out of 1 Nephi. It was actually super fun and really funny. We also met with the man that we tracted into last sunday and visited one of the members in the hospital.
  Friday started out a little sad because we had to say goodbye to one of our district members, Sister Beck. She had been struggling with some health problems for a while and they made the decision for her to go home this week
which was really sad. We then had exchanges with the elders from Szolnok and so we were able to teach a few lessons together to some of our more interesting investigators. I just really can't explain them here, they just need to be experienced, but they were great lessons.
  Saturday was a very busy day full of teaching many of our investigators before getting to kick off our wonderful conference weekend. I really enjoyed this general conference, it touched a lot of topics that we have been focusing on a lot with our investigators recently and so it should be a great help to them to be able to share the words of the leaders of the church with them. It was also a great testimony builder for me and I'm glad that we could participate in it.
Well that was my week. The church also just started it's new #PrinceOfPeace campaign, so if you haven't seen it yet, go watch the video, it's great.
Jó hetet!

- McKim Elder
                                                                 Birthday donut from Elder Hughes

                                                             District meeting tent (with birthday balloons).

                                                                            Split pic with Szolnok

Splits with my own companion.

Sok szeretettel köszöntelek benneteket!

Well first of all, as of today I am no longer a teenager and that's about the weirdest thing ever, but I'm so glad that I got to spend a wonderful birthday here in this great place. It's been great so far and I'm so the rest of it will be too.
  On tuesday I was able to actually spend a whole day with my own companion which is what seems like a rare luxury these days. It started with us meeting with a guy that we called from our area book and he definitely wasn't what we expected when he rollerbladed up to the branch house door but he's really cool and he has a lot of potential, so we're excited. We were also able to meet with our super legit investigator, Márk, and had a super good lesson with him, it was a good day.
  We then spent the next day up in Budapest (again) because once again we had a wonderful zone training. Luckily we weren't late to our own meeting this time and everything was able to go as planned, so it was a fairly good meeting, nothing too special.
  I got to spend Thursday on an exchange with the other Elders here in Szeged. We taught a very catholic man, did some tracting, taught some english, at a really good burger, it was an all round pretty good day.
  Friday we had another set of exchanges, this time with the Békéscsaba elders. Split miracles are definitely a thing because we tracted for like 20 minutes and someone let us in which basically never happens. We then met with one of our less actives and did some streeting, so it was also pretty good.
  Saturday we finished our splits and met with a few more people. We were able to meet with Márk again and then we met with branch presidents family where we asked them to pray with us and then select a street for us to go tract where we can find a new investigator. We didn't have time to go do that right after though, because we headed to our game night that we hosted for the YSAs. In the middle of it they surprised me by bringing out a cake and singing happy birthday for me, it was super cool, the members here are so great!
  Sunday we had church like normal and then we went out tracing. We decided to go to the street that the branch presidents family gave us the night before and that was where we met our brand new investigator, Péter. Miracles are real people, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. He's a really great older man who was wanting to know whether his relationship with his deceased wife still continues and so we're going back there this week to teach him more about it. 
  That brings us to today! We volunteered ourselves to work at a place that cares for people with mental disabilities and they told us to come back on monday for their "Classical music morning". It was actually really cool they had some members from the Szegedi Symphonic orchestra and they played songs for the people in the home. We then got to spend some time talking with them all and playing games, it was a lot of fun and it was a great experience! I'm super excited to go back there.
Well that's another long update on my somewhat interesting week!
Vigyázzatok magatokra!
-McKim Elder
                                                                 Our Branch President and two of his sons.

                                                                          My surprise birthday cake