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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Moving on

Well another week is done and so is another transfer, which unfortunately brings to an end this insanely long time that I got to spend with Elder Hughes. We had a super good run and it's sad for it to come to an end, but you know all good things must come to an end. I've joined a very small group of people in this mission who have come to a city after their companion stayed there for 4 months and then left before their companion, because by some miracle Elder Hughes has been allowed to stay here for another 2 months bringing his total to 8. I am going to be heading off to a city called Dunaújváros (good luck saying that everyone haha) and my new companion will be Elder Terry. There's going to be a lot of crazy things about it, like Elder Terry having a car as well as some other things but I'll talk about them more when everything is worked out. I'm super excited though, I'll get to visit Kaposvár again on splits and also Pécs, so it'll be a great time, I'm super excited.
This week was interesting as is the last week of every transfer it seems. We were able to teach a bunch of lessons this week and we're finally starting to see some good progression in a few of our investigators. We finally got two of them to agree to come to church this sunday and although I won't be there to see them, I'm super excited for them because I think they'll be able to start progressing really well now.
We also had our Zone Conference this week which was a really good experience. We gave a training with our Sister Training Leaders on teaching skills and I think it went really well. We had to get up super early though because they are always messing with the train lines and we didn't want to be late so we had to get up at 3:45am to make sure that we made it on time and didn't get back until 7pm but I guess that's the price you pay for living in such a beautiful city that's forever away from Budapest.
We got fed a tonne of times this week. Firstly we went to help a member pick currents in her huge garden on Friday and she gave us a bunch of sandwiches made out of the fresh stuff that she grows in her garden. We then got fed at a Less actives house on saturday. Then right after that another less active fed us some Hungarian pörkölt (basically just meat chunks covered in paprika and onions) and gave us a giant bag of paprika. Another member had us over on sunday to teach us how to make túró gombóc (I have no good explanation for this one) and they were really delicious. We also went out to a fancy restaurant last night to celebrate the time that we had together, so it was fun.
There was definitely more this week but my email is already super long, so have wonderful week!
- McKim Elder

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