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Monday, 31 July 2017

A cauldron, car and Keresztelő


The weeks are still flying just as quick as ever and the adventures are still continuing on this quest for the salvation of souls!

  We started off this week with a wonderful trip to one of, if not, the prettiest cities in this country and also the home of my mission president, Pécs. I was also able to spend the time with one of my favourite elders in the mission, Elder Sharp, so it was a pretty great time. Elder Sharp's faith is incredible, we headed out tracting on tuesday night and before we start he turns to me and says "McKim Elder, Elder Willes and I picked this street because we felt like we would get a let-in within the first couple doors", needless to say door number 4 lets us in. Elder Sharp definitely strengthened my testimony of the "Developing the faith to find" section of preach my gospel. 
  Wednesday I was able to do a bit more fantastic finding with Elder Sharp before we jumped back in the car and headed back up to Dunaújváros. We were able to meet with one of our investigators who is baptismal date and then Elder Terry and I made a huge pot of rakott krumpli, that is literally still in or fridge because it was so big.
  Thursday we were able to have our district meeting on planning and then head out to do service at the disabled people home before getting dogged by our two lessons for the day, but it was still good times.
  Friday we planned for a long time, met with our investigator on baptismal date and ran throught the interview questions with them, met with one of our recent converts and then went home teaching to our branch presidents house, where they fed us some delicious food and we helped them put up a tent.
  Saturday we were able to have a baptism because a family who used to live here in Duna decided to come back here from England to baptise their daughter. So we got to participate in that and afterwards we got to go to our branch presidents house for a little bit too where they were having a "Bogrács", where they basically just cook a giant pot of gulyás (stew) in a cauldron over a fire and then everyone eats it. It was super delicious. We also were able to meet with our other investigator who is on baptismal date and review the questions with her, so that was also exciting.

Well that was about all for interesting things this week. I hope you all have a great week!


- McKim Elder

              We found this graffiti on a church that says "Jesus lives", (Jézuz él) and we couldn't resist.                                
                                                   Elder Sharp and I in Pécs' main square

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