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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

AP for a day

Sok szeretettel köszöntök mindenkit!
These weeks just keep getting faster and faster and feels like I have less and less to write every week, but here we are again anyway.
  This week started with our interviews with President Szabadkai and as seems to be the usual these days, mine was very normal. Nothing too special happened at all but it's still always a great time to be able to sit down with President Szabadkai for a bit and talk about life, it's one of my favourite parts of every transfer.
  As per usual we had more exchanges again this week firslty with the other elders here in Szeged. It went pretty well, we found some potentials, ate some food and met with a couple investigators, so it was a good time.
  Our other exchange was with the assistants, which usually aren't anything too different to a normal exchange, but this one had me end up playing AP for a day. When we got there it was pretty normal, we met with a couple people and I got to catch up a little with some of the people that I knew from when I served in Buda, it was a really great time. Then the next morning we had to attend a meeting... with the entire mission presidency... and both of the Hungarian district presidencies... and our AP Elder Fitzgerald, and then me. You could say that I felt a little out of place. It was really cool to be a part of though, it was just a room full of people discussing how to further the church in Hungary and help it grow. We also got to go up into the Szabadkais' house to have lunch which is always super nice.
  Our work is doing alright these days, we have a few new people that we found this week that we're really excited about so things are looking up from over here, we should have good times coming ahead.
További szép hetet!

- McKim Elder

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